State and Tribal Indoor Radon Grants

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Grants for tribes to address radon issues within existing homes or construct radon-safe homes.

About the Award:

Tribes that receive this grant can use these funds to either build new buildings with radon-reducing features or test and retrofit existing buildings. Tribes are required to provide a minimum of 25% of matching funds for the first year of the program and in-kind funds can be used for matching.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Radon remediation, radon-safe construction, partnership forming

Funding Details:

  • Total National FY 2019 Funding: $7,789,000
  • No maximum or minimum grant.
Award Type:
Indoor Air Quality Topics covered:

Program Highlights:

The Navajo Nation used SIRG funding to radon test Head Start facilities, tribal buildings, institutions, public schools, daycare, health care centers, and private residences. This program also distributed information about radon-resistant new construction and the health risks associated with radon. Finally, these funds were used to provide hundreds of radon test kits to the Navajo Birth Cohort Study, an epidemiologic study of pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in a uranium-exposed population.

Typical Application Period: Dependent on Region


Dependent on Region - Check local contact

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