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Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Energy Audit & Renewable Energy Development Assistance

US Department Of Agriculture (USDA)

Grants and loans for agricultural producers and small businesses to conduct and promote energy audits, and provide renewable energy development assistance.

About the Award:

This grant is intended to aid with the establishment of a program that assists agricultural producers and rural small businesses with evaluating energy efficiency and the potential to incorporate renewable energy technologies into their operations. This can include energy efficiency audits and renewable energy technical assistance. This program is intended to serve commercial and industrial entities, not residential buildings.  

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Energy Audits, Technical Assistance

Funding Details:

  • 4% of all Rural Energy for America Programs annual funding is distributed to this program.
  • Total Program funding is approximately $50 million with an estimated 1,000 awards.
  • Maximum grant total cannot exceed $100,000
Award Type:

Typical Application Period: Rolling


Agricultural producers or small businesses that receive energy audits through this program must pay at least 25% of the cost of the energy audit. Rural utility providers are only eligible if they are considered electrical cooperatives or tribal entities.


Dependent on Region - Contact your State Energy Coordinator

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