Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Competitive Program

US Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD)

HUD offers competitive awards to tribes and TDHEs for housing construction and rehabilitation projects. 

About the Award:

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development offers competitive IHBG grants in addition to the non-competitive formula grants administered through the IHBG program. Grant funds may be used to develop, maintain, and operate affordable housing in safe and healthy environments on Indian reservations and in other Indian areas, and carry out other affordable housing activities. Grant funds must be used to primarily benefit low-income Indian families. HUD strongly encourages new affordable housing construction projects that will increase the number of housing units available for low-income Indian families and help address the housing shortage in Indian Country. Additionally, HUD encourages housing rehabilitation projects that will increase the useful life of existing affordable housing units and alleviate substandard housing conditions. It is unclear whether or not this funding source will be available in subsequent years.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Construction, Ventilation, Weatherization, Heat Source Replacement, Overcrowding Remediation, Rehabilitation

Funding Details:

  • Total FY 2019 Funding: $198,000,000
  • Expected Number of Awards: 80
  • Minimum Grant: $100,000
  • Maximum Grant: $5,000,000
Award Type:

Typical Application Period: Varies year to year. 2019 Period: 05/07/19-08/08/2019


This Program does not require cost sharing, matching or leveraging. Grantees must comply with the requirements of NAHASDA.


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