Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG)

US Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD)

Non-competitive grants used to fund a range of tribal affordable housing activities.

About the Award:

The Indian Housing Block Grant Program (IHBG) is a non-competitive, formula grant that provides a range of affordable housing activities on Indian reservations and Indian areas. Eligible IHBG recipients are Federally-recognized Indian tribes or their tribally designated housing entity (TDHE), and a limited number of state-recognized tribes who were funded under the Indian Housing Program authorized by the United States Housing Act of 1937 (USHA). These funds are managed either by the tribal housing departments or the TDHE.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Development, Ventilation, Weatherization, Heat Source Replacement, Rehabilitation

Funding Details:

  • Funds are made available to eligible grant recipients through a formula with four basic components:
    • Need
    • Formula Current Assisted Stock
    • 1996 Minimum
    • Undisbursed IHBG funds factor
Award Type:

Program Highlights:

In 2017, the Salish and Kooteai Tribes used IHBG funds to complete 20 heating and ventilation upgrades and 25 units remediated for methamphetamine contamination. [source]

Typical Application Period: Tribes and TDHES receive funding by submitting an annual Indian Housing Plan to ONAP. Due dates depend on program year.


Contact your Area ONAP office.

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