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Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (IGAP)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Grants meant to assist tribes in implementing their own environmental protection agencies.

About the Award:

The goal of GAP is to assist tribes and intertribal consortia in developing the capacity to manage their own environmental protection programs and to develop and implement solid and hazardous waste programs in accordance with individual tribal needs and applicable federal laws and regulations.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Healthy Homes Training, Monitoring, Education/Outreach, Partnership Building, Home assessments

Funding Details:

  • Total FY 2019 Funding: Regionally Dependent
  • Expected Number of Awards: Dependent on Region
  • Minimum Grant: $75,000
  • Maximum Grant: ~$128,000
    • Requests for more than $128,000 will be considered if
      needs are sufficiently justified and funding is available.
Award Type:

Program Highlights:

In 2017, the Hoonah Indian Association funded an indoor air quality assessment project through IGAP. They measured PM2.5 and CO levels in 65 homes. Through this study, they found that homes with wood stoves older than 20 years had higher PM2.5 levels than homes with younger wood stoves. They also identified a need for ventilation and weatherization improvements. [source]

Typical Application Period: Dependent on Region


Work plan templates available for Air Quality-Related GAP work and Climate Change GAP work.


Dependent on Region - Check local contact

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