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Idaho Wood Stove Replacements and Tax Deductions

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Homeowners in Idaho that purchase a new efficient heat source to replace an uncertified stove can deduct a portion of the cost on their taxes.

Eligible Applicants:

About the Award:

Idaho homeowners looking to replace an old, uncertified wood stove with a new natural gas or propane heating unit, pellet stove, or EPA-certified woodstove can deduct 40% of the cost of the purchase and installation of the new unit. To do this, homeowners must receive proof of proper disposal of their old unit by visiting a DEQ-approved site. This tax deduction is only available to people filling out Idaho state income tax returns.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Heat Source Replacement

Funding Details:

Deduct 40% of the cost of the purchase and installation within the year the wood stove is replaced. Thereafter, you may deduct 20% of the cost of purchase and professional installation per year for the next 3 years. The total annual deduction cannot exceed $5,000.


Typical Application Period: Rolling


Idaho Tax Commission - (208) 334-7660

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