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El Dorado Chimney Smoke Reduction Incentive Program

El Dorado County Air Quality Management District

Residents of El Dorado, Placer, and Amador Counties are eligible for a voucher for replacing their inefficient wood stove with a new heat source.

Eligible Applicants:

About the Award:

This program is meant to encourage homeowners in El Dorado, Placer, and Amador Counties to permanently remove or replace older non-EPA certified wood stoves or eligible fireplaces with cleaner-burning devices to improve winter air quality through reduction of particulate matter (PM) emissions caused by inefficient residential wood combustion. Participants must first acquire Pre-Approval from AQMD. Rentals are eligible with some restrictions. Requirements are slightly different for Amador County residents.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Heat source replacement

Funding Details:

  • $500 for removal of old wood-burning device and replacement with a new EPA Phase II certified wood stove, fireplace insert, or pellet stove.
  • $600 for removal of old wood-burning device and use of existing or installation of a new electric, natural gas or propane furnace or appliance.
  • Extra $300 available for Tahoe applicants

Program Highlights:

1074 changeouts have been performed through this program as of August 2019.

Typical Application Period: Rolling. Applications will be accepted until funding is depleted.


Call (530) 621-7501 to start with pre-application process

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