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Tuolumne County Woodsmoke Reduction Program

Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District

Residents of Tuolumne County can receive a voucher for replacing their inefficient wood stove with a new heat source.

Eligible Applicants:

About the Award:

The Program is designed to help households in Tuolumne County replace an uncertified wood stove or insert used as the primary source of heat with a cleaner burning and more efficient certified device. To be eligible for the Program, a homeowner or renter (Applicant) must be using an uncertified wood stove or wood insert as a primary heat source. Participants can use this voucher to purchase one of the following heating appliances:

  • a U.S. EPA certified wood stove or wood fireplace insert with emission rates not to exceed 4.5 grams/hour and 2.5 grams/hour for non-catalytic and catalytic stoves, respectively;
  • Natural gas home heating device;
  • Propane gas home heating device or;
  • Electric home heating device.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Heat source replacement

Funding Details:

  • $3,500 for residents of Low-income communities as designated by this map.
    • Low-income households outside of these communities are eligible if they provide evidence of enrollment in a low-income assistance program or household income at or below 80 percent of the statewide median household income.
  • $1,000 for all other residents of Tuolumne County.
Tuolumne County

Typical Application Period: Rolling



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