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Wood Stove Changeout Program in North Carolina

American Lung Association (ALA)

Residents in parts of North Carolina can receive a voucher to replace their old wood stove with a more efficient heat source.

Eligible Applicants:

About the Award:

The American Lung Association in North Carolina is providing vouchers for residents to replace their old wood and coal stoves with EPA-certified appliances. Residential property owners in Cherokee, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Mecklenburg, and Swain counties and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) community may be eligible for vouchers. Vouchers are available for a number of new heating appliances, including certified wood stoves, heat pumps, pellet stoves, and furnaces.

Example Eligible IAQ Activities:

Heat Source Replacement

Funding Details:

  • $750 - $4,500 for replacing with a certified wood stove
  • $1,500 - $4,500 for replacing with a pellet stove, gas stove, and heat pump
  • $6,000 - $10,000 for replacing with a hydronic heater or gas furnace
  • $300 for replacing with a catalyst heater
North Carolina

Typical Application Period: Ongoing


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